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Mesin Tanam Bibit Padi Rice Transplanter 2ZS-4A

$4,350.00 $4,850.00

Dimension :

Length (mm): 2140

Width (mm): 1630

hight (mm): 910

weight (kg): 162


Engine Model : air-cooled,4-stroke


Total Displacement :175

Normal Power at rated speed(ps/rpm) : 3.3(4.5)/ 3600

Fuel : lead-free Gasoline

Starting system : Recoil starting


Driving Fuel Tank Capacity (ml): 4000 ml


Transmission Type: Mechanical (Gear)

Transmission Level: Forward 2 Level ~ Reverse: 1 Level


Traveling speed(m/s):

2 Levels 1.0m/s

1 Level 0.6m/s


Size of Wheel

Diameter (mm): 600

Width (mm): 90

Lug Size (mm) : 7990

Lug Piece: 9


Seedling condition

seedling length: 100--130 mm

Seedling Type: yong seedling 15--18 Days

Leaf: 3--5


Seedling tray System

Size of seedling tray:

Length (mm): 780mm

Width(mm): 1252 mm

Piece: 1


Size of reserved:

Seedling Heap Mat

Length (mm): 620 mm

Width(mm): 930 mm

Piece: 1


Transplanting Unit:

Transplanting Arm: Crank Type

Transplanting Rows: 4

plants in 3.3 : 83,75,66,52,47,42

transplanting Depth: 10--4.0

Inter row Spacing (mm): 300

Hill-to -hill distance (mm): 126,140,157,194,216

Transplanting speed: 0-1.4m/s

working efficiency: 6mu/h

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